April 1, 2009

Obama, he's got to go...


Clay Bowler said...

It's easy to make the argument he has trashed the Consititution.

Anonymous said...

Relatively safe to say that there's never been a president more opposed to the basic concept of America.

Anonymous said...

this isn't a bipartisan issue, therein lies the tragedy of it all. We are all too brainwashed to see this. I voted for the puppet, but i have woken up since, and i encourage you all to just ask yourselves "is ignorance really bliss?"

Hammer said...

I'm on board with this.

Alternate 4 CraigsList said...

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I Ain't Got No Blog said...

In all cases, of Waterboarding interrogation methods, that were used.
They ALL gave up valuable information within seconds of being waterboarded.
And saved American lives!!
These liberals better wake up to the facts of life in the real world, and understand that there are people out there who hate and want to kill Americans, no matter how much the current president apologizes and tries to appease them, no matter how many Kings he bows to, no matter how many tin horn south American dictators he jokes with and plays second fiddle to.

Anonymous said...

Hand me the petition

Anonymous said...




Brilliant stuff.

Who's your writer?

Both posts this year were incredible. I can see why there are only two. It must have sapped all your energy and intelligence to come up with doozies like these.

I can't wait until you come up with more brilliance sometime around August.

proud american said...

well how do i put this , in civil way? but that is almost impossible, if you look at the shape this country is in , for instance , lets give billions to some crap bank so they can lend money , to who ?
most of america is unemployed how do you loan money to people who can't afford the payments? any payments , and then let our icons of america crumble , that really put people to work , in a variety of ways , such as after market parts makers , for autos etc.oh wait there are made in an other coutntry then we have islamic extermists protesting in time square for gods sake .are these people americans , no they want to kill you wake up stupid . they have said so time and time again no it gets uncivil , what in gods name is going on ? this dip shit president , is ran over by polosi like a freight train. and this guy can't seem to stand for anything , hes like a fish on a dock flopping around like he has no idea . no experience for sure , never served in the military . has spit in the face of all of us , white black hispanic . all of us. the main things this country needs is jobs and more jobs. another reason i am pissed is i tried to get a governmet grant to start up my american dream , i was told that because i was white male i had no rights to the grants , because i have more chances at it on my own than minorities , the look around you there are no minorities. i feel that obamas actions , and statements , well i feel the jerk dosen't care one drop about america , when a man dosen't hold his hand on his heart with pledge of alligance , can't be the kind of american we want as president . spit in our face will you if he was here in front of me i would kick his ass. my father fought for freedom and my grandgrand father as well , to let people like him take away prayer at school and the pledge of alligance , is not racial its america damnit . this guy is not an american ,only god knows what he is . he is not my president. nor will he ever be , we have to teach our kids about being proud of being american . you have to stand for something or you will for anything.and the young ones willl suffer any way this guy is a joke, as well as his cronies.good luck america p.s. i breaks my heart to hear vets tell me they are glad their old and won't be around to see the crap this adminstration is doing to us , he blames bush well, mr obama if your so damn good we wouldn't hear that crap.at least mr bush would not have let us , buy fiats because we have to . cram it obama , sorry so long but i'm pissed , good day

Anonymous said...

This asshole is the most dangerous individual that has ever held office. In America, we do NOT support Communism. Yeah, this guy has to go. But, who is going to impeach him? Congress? That's a laugh. They all need to go also. And while we're at it, it's time to replace the entire Supreme Court. This won't be settled peacefully. Be ready. Keep your powder dry.

Anonymous said...

I miss W. Have missed him since Jan 20, 2009.

I know he wasn't perfect but he seemed human.

Barack actually strikes me as some alien or something -- I've finally put my finger on it.

Mike Ashford said...

I know no one here believes in the hope and change nonsense any longer. If you drank the koolaid admit hat you made a bad decision and move on. I never supported obama in anyway. I told everyone that he would make jimmy carter's presidency failings pale into insignificance. Rather obama is intelligent or not it really does not matter, clearly he is not competent for the position he holds. Just because you are intelligent does not me you are a good person. He clearly does not appreciate the greatness of this country, he fears what he does not understand and is attempting to destroy this country because his loyalties are elsewhere.
He has been handed everything in life. How was he a millionaire as a first term senator? Clearly the media that bent over for him has failed to do their jobs. The press wonders why the internet is driving them out of business. The public and the media needs to wake out and understand the seriousness of this situation. Educate yourself and vote wisely. Certainly bush and cheney were awful, however would you be willing to have bush back at the helm right now. At least he does not hate americans. By the way has anyone seen a real copy of obama's birth certificate? I have been searching for it but the people who say they have see in seem to be a bite vague on details,
I am serious I very much would like to see the certificate. Why is it that democrats around the country are distancing themselves from obamo, pelosi, and frank. People in this country we need to wake up obama and his band of incompetents are a path to destroy everything this country is. VOTE VOTE VOTE!!! Send a message to washington vote out the incumbents that support obama and his agenda. They are an enemy that makes all others unimportant.

Mike Ashford

Anonymous said...


Any one know of Opeach stickers, tee shirts, banners?


Citizens For A Better Veterans Home

Anonymous said...

let's go to war - civil war. time to clean house in America